Year of the Cape.

by Lupine.

selfish cape

The cape. A wonderful accessory for the young and old. They seem so fashionable these days, and a great use for some of that beautiful wool at the shop. Take a look at these stunners. I am not sure why I am not sporting one of these as I leave the house in my tall boots with two darling daughters all properly dressed in their little dresses... oh wait, that is my imaginary life again, I am lucky to have socks under my boots and a quick dab of lipstick to distract from all the other unfinished parts of my outfit.


Capes are here and there, making waves on runways and turning up in sewing patterns (above is one from Burdastyle), but really, who loves a cape more than a child? Check out these little cuties ready for some brotherly crime stopping.  

Each year I try and plan a gift that I can give to all the 2-5 year olds we know that we may celebrate birthdays. As many of our small friends have birthdays early in the year, I have to figure you what it will be just after the new year. 

This year, I declare the year of the cape! They go nicely over princess gowns in pink and purple sparkle and add a little something to the superhero jammies in bright red and gold. I like the gifts that can be easily made the hour before the party and customized somewhat for the individual child. If I pick a good idea for all the kids, I can actually stop thinking about kid gifts for an entire year. So long as I am sure to keep my stash up of shiny fabric nicely stocked. 

Maybe my other secret superhero plan should be making myself one of these lovely little numbers so when I set out I too can have some sort of extra power to help me take care of business.