Material Obsession 2 (you won't put it down)

Cover Photo: Charlotte Sometimes


This book has me all weak-in-the-knees and wobbly for good quilting.  You should have heard Amy and I in the store the other day, "did you see...?  I mean really!??!  What in the...?".  Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke have outdone themselves with their second book, Material Obsession 2: More Modern Quilts With Traditional Roots (published in the US by STC).  The book contains patterns and instructions for 21 amazing quilts.  They built their patterns around ten concepts, with all but one quilt having been interpreted and designed separately. 

Over the Border and Sunday Patterns

For example, Kathy's Over the Border (left) and Sarah's Sunday (right) are both derived from the traditional Lone Star pattern.  The cover quilt (which makes me crazy with happiness) is Charlotte Sometimes and was inspired by an antique quilt in Sarah's collection. 

Gypsy Kisses

Another one from Sarah Fielke, Gypsy Kisses, employs foundation piecing.  Kathy Doughty's Fruit Tingles uses the same method with equally stunning results (not pictured but awesome).

The Seasons

This is a beautiful, soft cover book (pull-out pattern insert in the back) with loads of full colour photos, diagrams and how-tos.  They cover block buildilng, foundation piecing and applique with projects ranging from straight-foward piecing (one star) to complex piecing (four stars).  The Seasons (above) is a three star.

I still love the first Material Obsession and either book would be a beautiful gift for yourself or the quilter (or would-be quilter) in your life.  Pair it with a stack of Kaufman solid fat quarters, and get crazy with your stash.  I can't think of a better welcome to October.