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Shot Stripes in 2012


Yes, shot cottons are great but did you know about their sibling shot cotton stripes? I have a thing about stripes, I heart them! These are some of the richest and most lovely additions to my ever growing stripe collection. I have heard many a quilter loving these stripes and using them as a staple in their quilts.  Looking ahead into 2012 an all stripe quilt is on my list.  I treated myself to a quarter yard of a dozen different shot stripes for inspiration. 


Naturally there are other items on my 2012 list that I hope to get done. First on the list, FINISH two other quilts from years past(top is done, bottom is cut, batting is ready to go). More on that later. Second on the list, trying some new to me quilting (Elizabeth Hartman's Sparkle Punch Quilt).

I polled the staff here at bolt on what is on their 2012 list of things to sew. Here are a few answers: "Continue working on my son's never ending life quilt", "get into more apparel sewing" ,"Rooibos Dress". I won't name names.... perhaps we can hold the ladies to these aspirations at a later date. Have you started your list for 2012?


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Easy Piecing


I spent an evening recently with one of the owners of MD, Michelle. In her living room was a stunning patchwork pillow. When I asked about it, she mentioned using Nancy Zieman's Lone Star template and techniques and how easy it was.

Trace 'n Creat Quilt templates

Oh yeah...I had been eyeing that at Bolt! Tucked over with rulers, this unassuming wonder had caught me eye recently. I was especially intrigued considering how gift-making season is upon us. I have to be honest about myself as a quilter--I'm no math wizard. In fact, I downright hate all that nitty-gritty technical thinking and planning. If someone can do the hard part (aka math), well then all the better. With such a traditional shape, I think playing around with highly graphic or super contemporary prints help make this seem fresh. Bolt still has some of Jay McCarroll's Habitat line, which I think would be totally awesome and I am super tempted to pick a few cuts to make another. Because it was, in fact, easy piecing.

To start playing around, I pulled some solids from my stash in various shades of red and purple. I used this Kaffe Fassett print to help inform the selection. People (including myself!) love his sense of color and pattern and the selection at the store right now does not disappoint! 

choosing fabrics

Deciding layout is key, and for this particular exercise I plan to either lay matching colors together or color-wheel them around the star. To be determined! I figured I could start with the intial piecing and decide later.


There are multiple sizes on the templates so no need to choose one and trace. They're all right there every time! Cut a strip the dimension requested and use the template to mark and sub-cut into the size and shape needed.

marking using template

This "no pivoting" method means constructing only with straight lines. As with all quilting, seam allowance and proper pressing are key to ensuring seam lines meet up.

No pivot piecing

I'm hoping this will be worthy enough to give to either my sister-in-law or HER sister, both of whom I'll be seeing this holiday season. Maybe I'll love it so much, it'll stay on my couch! 

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