Envelope It (a tutorial)

K<br/><p>I make fabric envelopes for a lot of things.  Most recently I needed one to keep track of index cards, which are great for organizing info, but a annoying to keep track of.  They are quick to make, totally customizable (business card holder, receipt organizer, sappy document holder), and a great use for scraps or fat quarters.  </p></p><p><p>For the purposes of this How-To, I'll break it down for an 4 by 6

By Melissa

I make envelopes for lots of things (why go paper when you can sew?!).  They are quick, fully customizable (great for keeping track of reciepts, index cards, or sappy documentation) and cute.  The latter being the most important, right?  For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll be going smaller-- somewhere around note card size and adding elastic so you can attach it easily to a notebook or organizer.  You could also flip the dimensions (making the opening on the short side) or leave out the elastic all together. 

Keep it Safe (and pretty) Envelope


  • Two pieces of fabric that will accommodate your rectangle dimensions (1/4 yards or scraps will work)

  • Snap, button or velcro

  • 7" of skinny elastic or FOE (Fold Over Elastic-- bolt has bins of it!)

  • Optional interfacing/interlining

Cut one rectangle out of each piece of fabric 6 1/2" by 4 1/2" (front)

Cut one rectangle out of each piece of fabric 6 1/2" by 7" (back)

Trace an existing envelope flap or use the following diagram as a guide, draw a cut line onto the wrong side of the skinny end of A.  Cut guide

2.  Sew

Make the interior and exterior envelopes separately.  With right sides together and bottom edges matching, sew front to back around the three sides of interior.  Use a 1/4" seam allowance.  Pin elastic across the right side of exterior back. You might also try interfacing or other interlining on the wrong side of your exterior envelope, for extra stiffness.

Construction guide

You need to decide how you would like to close your envelope and attach it to the sewn exterior.  I used a snap for this one, but I like velcro/hook and loop tape better.  A loop and button would be pretty, too (pin loop to top curve exterior, facing inward on right side and sew the button to the front after the envelope is completely assembled.)

For final construction, place your interior and exterior inside of one another, right sides facing.  Begin sewing along front edge and around top, leaving a 1 1/2" gap in your stitching line (along front).  Turn envelope right side out through small gap.  Top stitch gap closed and around entire top edge.