Patchwork Lesson



There are a few new copies of Patchwork Lesson on the shelves (ISBN978-4-529-04345-8).  This is my kind of summer reading.  It's in Japanese, so there is very little actual reading, and like most Japanese Craft books, it is beautifully designed. 


There are sections and projects on simple patchwork, hexagons (animals!), paper piecing, and applique. The instructions are in Japanese, but the diagrams are fairly detailed and the measurements are all in centimeters. I don't usually buy these books for the patterns-- more so for the inspiration and the effortless way that traditional crafts are updated and elevated with modern applications.   


Just like gardening books in the winter, these kinds of sewing books keep me going through the heat of summer.  There's a growing collection of Japanese Craft books at the store-- I'm happily set up for the season.  Daniela is teaching a class on sewing clothes from Japanese books at Modern Domestic-- the current session is full, but if you're interested please check in with someone down at the studio and we might be able to get her to add another round! 

*UPDATE* New sessions of both the Children's and Women's Clothing classes have been added.