Proper Attire Skirt



I finished version B of Anna Maria Horner's Proper Attire skirt over the weekend. 

Things I like:

  • Both versions sit higher on the waist than a lot of commercial skirt patterns. I think it's a lot more flattering this way.

  • The invisible zipper directions are good and my zipper is, indeed, invisible.

  • The shape is less A-line and a little more fitted (especially version A, which the other Melissa completed) than I had expected. Also a good thing.

  • There are some nice details and the pattern pieces all went together just as they should have.  The piping was easy to insert and while I thought about leaving it out, I'm glad I didn't. 

One issue:

The sizes on the back of the envelop go according to the garments finished measurements, and both Melissa and I felt like our finished versions were bigger than we expected them to be. I took the pattern's advice and tried it on before inserting the lining. I took it in a bit at the hips, but I wearing the finished product, I feel like I could have gone down a whole size. Measure the pattern pieces (taking into account the seam allowances) if you're not sure.

This project falls in the advanced beginner to intermediate skill level categories. The instructions are thorough though, so you are not left hanging if you run into problems. I decided to leave the decorative buttons off.


The outer skirt fabric is a hemp blend medium weight apparel fabric that we cannot keep stocked because it flies out of here so fast. I got this a couple of weeks ago when a new tube arrived and it's gone already.  We'll be getting it again. That said, this skirt would be gorgeous in any of our medium weight woolens, home dec weight cottons or even some Oasis Canvas. The lining is from my stash and is a lightweight cotton and the piping was made from a striped shirting. Or, do what Melissa did and spring for the velveteen-- it's worth it: