Tammis Keefe Tribute



Some days you just have to act first and think later. Like today! I bought the first cuts of the new Tammis Keefe linen/cotton blend prints. We've had some of the prints from the quilt weight range in the store for a few months and I was curious to see how the linen measured up. This combination of weight, substrate and print just sings. I washed and dried both pieces and am happy to report that they softened up and only had minimal shrinkage (5% or less).

Both of these prints come 44/45" wide and would work perfectly for pillows, napkins, apparel, or a perfectly retro tablecloth (using this method). I've settled on a tote bag for the print on the right and the aforementioned table cloth for the print on the left. I wish I was in need of a cafe curtain, because that print would work perfectly.

If that wasn't enough motivation, check it out: Michael Miller not only produced these fantastic reproductions, they are donating all the royalties from this line to fund cancer research. Nice.