Quilts Made Modern (and a Giveaway!)



I learned much of what I know about quilt construction from Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle and my well worn copy of their earlier work, The Modern Quilt Workshop. That book encouraged me to master techniques I thought were too complicated for a "casual" quilter and to pay as more attention to design and colour theory rather than using prints that I loved on their own.

Quilts Made Modern, their new book published by C&T, is a wonderful example of their quilt making philosophy-- the designs are approachable and fresh, they pay special attention to choosing a palette, and the instructions will have you employing new and already known techniques with ease. As with Workshop, they emphasize quilting your own work and what that might look like (something I would love to do better and more often). I added this to my quilt book library immediately.



I started working on a crib-sized version of Transparency this last weekend. This is a quilt I will be making again. I had hoped to show you a finished product today, but I decided to quilt it in a similar manner as the book in order to give it as much texture as possible. So! Next week for sure. (I'm quilting it down at MD using the Bernina 440 with the stitch regulator function.) I like this pattern SO MUCH because it demonstrates that a straight-forward colour scheme and patchwork can equal a graphically interesting finished product.

C&T has offered a copy to one commenter-- in the US or abroad (a hard copy will be sent to the US address and an E-book will be sent to an overseas winner). I follow Craft Nectar (where Weeks blogs) dilligently, and she and Bill are offering up a package of extra prizes for those of you following along with the entire blog tour this week! We will a pull a winner on Monday!