Product Spotlight: Suspender Clips

by Hannah

Suspender clips are one of our newest products here at Bolt and can be used for an array of things.

The obvious use would be suspenders. For a wedding, it would give the groomsmen a classy original look. You can make them for your little one too. Here’s a tutorial I found for elastic suspenders. Elastic is perfect for suspenders. We always have a great selection. I’m going to work on another tutorial that will include leather and tri-glides (to make them adjustable) and give you an update in time for wedding season.

For your even littler one, make a pacifier clip. This tutorial shows how to make a pacifier clip with fabric, but it would be even easier and faster to make it with ribbon. If you’re on ‘mom time’, you’ll probably go the ribbon route.

You can use them for mitten clips. I know I’ve been frustrated with mittens connected by a string that inevitably ties in a knot far too often. Here I’ve connected two of them with one piece of ribbon. Some of us lose our keys more than we lose our mittens. The same idea can be used to attatch your keys to your purse or luggage. Instead of two clips on the ribbon, only sew on one so the other will slide onto your key ring. Super easy!
I don’t like for my boots to be floppy. Use about a 1/3 yd. of ribbon and two clips for your boots to hang. This also works great if you need more storage or just want an awesome shoe display.