Just In: Japanese delights, apparel goods and Art Gallery

by Gina

We’ve been waiting for these beauties for a little while and it’s always so fun to open the Yuwa/Kei box!  It’s a broad combination of floral, geometrics, bold color combos, soft color palettes, modern, vintage…I love these!

Here are a few of the latest apparel goods.  These in particular are lovely, light weight cotton blends, perfect for these warm days.  The dot farthest to the right is a silk blend.  Lovely.  We have some new knits and canvas pieces in as well!

I’m a big fan of Art Gallery and Pat Bravo’s designs in particular.  The company originally and until fairly recently only carried Pat’s designs.  They’ve added a couple of new designers and it will be exciting to continue to see what they bring us.  This collection, Indie, is designed by Pat Bravo.  Warm and cool palettes, with really interesting color combinations, large florals, smaller geometrics, sometimes together on the same print!

The cuteness is almost unbearable.  Scamper from Birch Fabrics is adorable.  There are some wonderful “more mature” prints in the group as well, like the ones on the bottom of th stack.  I see pillow covers or curtains in their future….

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come by over the weekend and take pat in the sale.  It was a great weekend and we managed to clear a little more space.  We have so many things rolling through the door right now, we are rearranging every day to make more and more room wherever we can.  Just yesterday we opened up boxes with local great, Violet Craft’s latest (and fabulous!) group, Madrona Road.  It is such a wonderful collection and I’m so excited to see it up on our shelves.  Thanks Violet!  There were lots of other boxes opened, including chevrons from Riley Blake, but you’ll have to wait til next week for more pics! 

Don’t forget: ALBERTA STREET FAIR is this Saturday, August 11th!  Come on by and enjoy the festivities.