Apparel sewing with Solids

—by Adrianna

It’s that time of the season for Holiday clothes! Finding the right outfit can be overwhelming and expensive, not to mention the stress of weaving in and out of other holiday shoppers. So why not treat yourself to something simple and sweet this season by making your own party dress from Bolt’s Moda Bella Solids collection?

These quilting weight cotton solids are generally overlooked for apparel because of their weight, however I have been experimenting with them lately and have found they actually work great for certain designs. Because they are slightly stiffer than traditional apparel weight cottons they are able to take shape better than lighter fabrics. I have become slightly obsessed with making circle skirts out of them, as they poof out just so sweetly!

I preferred to use the Bella Solids for this dress for a few reasons; the first mainly being I wanted a dress in this color and it is very hard to find in apparel weights. Bella Solids are awesome as they come in almost every color and shade. Another great thing about Bella Solids since they are meant to be used as quilt/blanket backings, they are soft and keep you warm! There is no need for lining in a garment that uses a Solid as they are smooth against your skin and are tightly woven to keep you warm. Since Solids are medium weight cotton they are very easy to sew with, so this could be a great project for the novice sewer! Apparel weights tend to be more flowy and light, which to a beginner can be stressful if you’re not used to handling light fabrics (it took me years before I was comfortable with some apparel weights). Lastly, and probably the best part about Solids, is that they are very affordable! Again, since they are pretty basic solid cottons, the price point is reasonable, and you can make a great piece on the cheap.

So the next time you come into Bolt, don’t pass by the Solids collection, it’s right by the front door! They are pretty rad, and I’m sure you will enjoy using them as much as I do.