The Slouchy Backpack

by Adrianna

With the arrival of sunny weather, most of you are probably planning or day dreaming of some time spent outdoors. The new pattern from Bonnie Christine, The Slouchy Backpack, is your perfect companion for mild summertime adventures. This pack is easy and quick to sew up, and can fit as many things as you want in it. Although I love hiking and spending time in the woods, I am not that intense of an outdoor person, and only like to carry bare minimum necessities. This pack is great for just that. Carry your water bottle, wallet, and a camera, and off you go! I made this pack out of lightweight denim and canvas combinations, so that when hiking on a sizzling day, this won’t weigh me down. You can also experiment with some other, more durable denims and canvases paired with Otter Wax to make for a more solid pack. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this backpack staple! Adjust the straps and this could be a great children’s pattern as well.