Mudcloth pouf

By Hannah  

I know you're going to laugh. I got tired of the mudcloth rug I instructed you to make the other week and have decided to turn it into an oversized pouf. 

So take everything apart with your seam ripper and fold it in half lengthwise and cut.  

Fold it again and cut so you have for square-ish pieces. 

Now stitch them together so they alternate.  

This Mud cloth has zigag stitching throughout so if it gets tired of you working with it you may have to reinforce some.

Here is all the waste I've finished with! Just stuff the waste inside and look for other things to stuff in there. I used an old down comforter that doesn't do the job anymore and SCRAPS! 

It's huge but it's perfect because I always wanted a bean bag when I was little and never got one. 

Hannah VanLomComment