Tablet Case with Fusible Flex Foam

by Cameron

We're carrying a new interfacing in the store - Peltex Fusible Flex Foam. Usually new interfacing options don't make for riveting front page news, but this interfacing is pretty special. It's a one-side fusible that adds some structure and lots of padding. It's perfect for making electronics cases. It would also be really interesting in a bag or zipper pouches. Most importantly, it looks like a sheet of marshmallow fluff wrapped around a bolt and it's excellent for squeezing.

I made up a tablet case as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. I started with an old pair of heavy duty work pants, cut them up into the largest rectangles I could get out of their width. To get them to the size I needed I added scraps of my favorite railroad denim - which makes it into almost everything I make. I fused the flex foam to the outside, used a soft old t-shirt as a lining, and finished it with a heavy duty snap. The flex foam was easy to work with, and so pleasantly squishy. It fuses just like a lighter weight interfacing. I did get some bubbling, but I think that was due to my less than methodical approach to pressing the two layers together.

It's so satisfying to work with repurposed materials. I really enjoy incorporating original seams and pockets into my new object, especially when they represent so much work like these triple top stitched flat felled seams.

Long story short - flex foam is great way to protect those indispensable - and expensive - electronics. Ask about it next time you're in so you can give it a squeeze yourself. We can't wait to hear about what you're going to make!