Quick Tip on How to Make Hemming Easier

By Sarah

One afternoon while sewing up a sample for the store an idea of great time saving proportions leapt into my brain and boy, am I glad it did. It's simple: before sewing up any side seam or sleeve, that will eventually require hemming, go ahead and press that hem first instead of after (which is what many of us do) that way you can lay the hem flat instead of having to iron and measure your hem in the round. Not only will this method save time but it may make for a more even hem as well. Then sew up the seam (being sure to unfold whatever creases you have made) as you normally would.

Now, if you want, you can stay put at your machine, maybe grab a few straight pins, and hem away since the fold or crease has already been made. No need to get up!

This trick is especially handy for the tiny openings of sleeves. Since I'm nearing my 20 year sewing anniversary, I'm hoping that these new found tricks become the norm and when I start whining about getting older I remind myself that with age comes wisdom.